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Hear what audiences are saying about Sincerely, Oscar...

Read what concierges are saying about Sincerely, Oscar...

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“I enjoyed Sincerely, Oscar, I thought it was a good musical. It is an informative musical that tells the story of someone who had contributed to countless songs that are ingrained in our American culture. It is in the same vein as Jersey Boys, Beautiful, and the temptations musical. I thought the screen coming down was innovative, and brought a different element”

—John Sieber, Times Square Edition

"It was a fascinating experience at a wonderful theater. The performances, combined with cutting edge video technology, made for an unforgettable evening of song and dance. Prepare for a night of tears and laughter!’

—Paul White, Walker Tower

"I really enjoyed Sincerely, Oscar a lot…the crowd was mature one who I think know a lot about the history of Broadway shows. I left the show with one quote I heard during the show that will stay in my memory for the rest of my life that is ‘Words can change the world’.”


—Kal Naim, Lotte New York Palace

“It was a delightful intimate musical theater evening. The main highlight of Sincerely, Oscar was the hologram of Oscar Hammerstein himself. This wonderful new technology added a new perspective into the meaning and inspiration to how his songs came about in his own words. It was wonderful visual musical biography of his music and life.”

—Eve Melendez, The Westin NY Grand Central

“Considering it’s a “two man” performance, it’s very entertaining. The chemistry between Doreen and Azudi is perfect. Ms Taylor’s voice is incredible. A must see!”


—Robert Butt, Ritz-Carlton NY

“I thought the show was great, a bit nostalgic with all those wonderful songs we know from previous plays. It was a great experience!”


—Paul Acosta, The Lowell

“I would say the venue overall is very intimate and a great place for small plays…the singers were very good.”


—Greg Cole, LiVunLtd

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